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15th March, 2018

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Hi! Luke here, Director at Digital Ethos. It’s been a while since I’ve written to the customer base and further afield, and with the launch of our new site and the Digital rebrand I thought now was as good a time as any to talk to you about what we’ve been doing and what the plans are moving in to 2018 and beyond.

So why the rebrand? Well, trust me there have been a few times over the last couple of months when I’ve asked myself the same question! In all honesty, it’s something that we’ve pushed under the rug for some time now, as the last time we redesigned the website and rebranded was roughly three years ago. When so much of your day to day focus is on your customers, upcoming projects, driving new business & keeping the staff happy, there can be a slight reluctance to add another spinning plate!

The turn of the year is often seen as a chance to reinvent themselves and set new goals and expectations. And without wanting to sound cliché, we felt it was important to make a statement to our internal teams, our customers, and our competition that we’re only setting our sights higher for 2018. We’re always having conversations with our customers about the importance of staying ahead of the game, especially in this competitive digital landscape, so I think it’s time to practise what we preach. It’s never easy to make large overhauls to your business, but actually, it’s given me important insight into what our customers are embarking on when they’re looking for our services. A bit of perspective is never bad right?

Another insight I’ve had an opportunity to witness is how are internal teams work together day today. Rather uniquely, the rebrand has meant every single team has had to collaborate together to get the job done. From our development team, our marketing team, our sales team, our finance team and also our freelancers across the UK; everyone has been involved. It’s taught me a lot about where we can improve in our day to day operations and how we can improve our collaborative efforts to make the customer journey a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

So, what does this all mean moving into the rest of 2018? Well, simply put we’ve got big plans! Whilst continuing to expand our freelancer connections, we’re focusing efforts on putting more “bums on seats” in our central Leicester office. With that comes an office move and hopefully some fresh new faces that will allow us to push forward and grow as a business whilst keeping our existing customer base happy and singing our praises.

Finally, a big thank you to the team for their incredible efforts, and also to our customers for always trusting in us and giving us the platform to reach new heights!

Thanks Again,


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