What to Look for When Working with a Digital Agency in Bristol

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Avatar Sophie Rizan

1st October, 2018

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There are a wide range of digital agencies In Bristol, and around the U.K, with digital marketing a growing and emerging industry. Likewise, digital marketing itself is becoming a key battleground for any business, this article will seek to outline both the importance of hiring a high-quality digital agency and how to find the best digital agency in Bristol and beyond.

Before you can find a high-quality digital agency in Bristol, or wherever you’re based, you must first understand both the importance of hiring a digital marketing agency, and the reasons for doing so. This will help inform your search for a digital agency in Bristol that can help you. First of all, digital marketing is a time consuming and resource heavy commitment, with campaigns requiring a wide range of skills and experience, both in terms of measuring a campaigns success, devising an effective and creative strategy, and executing that strategy from a technical standpoint. A digital agency in Bristol can take care of all these needs for you, with dedicated professionals that have a wealth of experience and unique skills. This has the added benefit of bringing a wide range of skills to the table, the vast majority of digital agencies in Bristol will have developers, analytics experts, creatives and more. Likewise, your content strategy needs to be a full-time commitment, with regular and constant updates as well as evolving in response to analytical data and changing strategies, by hiring a digital agency in Bristol you will be able to manage this without allocating all your own time and resources to the detriment of other aspects of your business. Finally, a digital agency in Bristol will be able to devise a more creative and objective strategy for your business, whilst it will no doubt be informed by your brand identity and vision, by providing an outsider’s perspective they can create something truly unique and most importantly, free of internal biases and preconceptions.
Once you’ve decided to hire a digital agency in Bristol, there are a number of key factors you have to consider in order to make sure you find the right agency for your business. One of the first things to keep in mind when looking for a digital agency in Bristol is to assess the skill levels and capability of each digital agency in Bristol you’re looking to hire. This will mean getting testimonials and reviews from previous clients, data on the successes of their previous campaigns, whether they have campaigns that have met similar goals to your own, and researching the agency itself, getting a sense of the kinds of resources they use and what specialities their staff has.

On top of skills and capabilities, when hiring a digital agency in Bristol it’s also crucial to place a high emphasis on creativity and innovation, whilst undoubtedly your digital marketing strategy needs to be informed by SEO and data analysis, you will also need something creative and innovative, both in terms of strategy, leveraging technology, and content creation. The best way to gauge this is to look at some of the campaigns and content generated by digital agencies in Bristol and get a feel for what stands out to you. These previous campaigns should also be used in conjunction with a formative chemistry meeting to gauge another key point of emphasis, making sure the agency isn’t just skilled and creative, but also the right fit for you. This will encompass a lot of things, the styles of the campaigns they’ve used and how they match with your brand identity, they’re comfort marketing for your niche, whether they share your passion and understand your objectives, and on an intuitive level, whether or not you feel you would have a strong and mutually beneficial working relationship. In terms of fit it’s also important to consider the size of the agency you want to work with, a larger agency may bring a greater degree of resources, whilst a smaller agency may allow for a more personalised approach. Of course, this differs depending on the agency, and even similarly sized agencies can diverge in approach tremendously. Which is why it’s important to ask probing questions, acquire as much detail as possible, and make a truly informed decision that takes everything into account.

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