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Be Cookie Legal Before 26th May 2012

On the 26th May 2012 the new EU cookie laws governing the EU’s Privacy and Communications Directive came into force.The new directive now means that UK web sites must provide visitor with clear and comprehensive information about the purpose of any cookies, what information is being stored and also give them the option to decline

Three steps to make your site compliant with latest cookie law
When a user landed at your website, it must not save cookies, unless the consent of the user. The purpose and the uses of the cookies must be clearly mentioned for the user. Consent of the user must be taken to use those cookies

All About Cookie Law
The Cookie Law is a new addition in the privacy regulation which commands websites to gain permission from the visitors to save or recoup information on any device that can be connected to internet, like, computer, tablets, smartphone etc.

The law has been created in order to safeguard privacy. This is attained by generating awareness among the customers regarding the information restored by websites about them. The law inducted last year on May 26th, 2011, it was espoused by EU countries. During the same time UK also upgraded its Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, due to which the EU Directive law was introduced in UK too.

The websites in these EU countries along with UK were given a time of one year to abide by this law and follow the new rule which ends on May 26th, 2012.

Deadline to make your website cookie law compliant
Though the law has already been executed in UK but most of the people are still unaware of it. The Information Commissioners’ Office, UK regulator gave a grace period of 365 days which ends on May 26, 2012, before imposing it. The enforcement action can lead to fine of up to half a million pounds in case of a critical breach