2021 Website Trends for Legal Services

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20th October, 2020

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Cutting-edge website design isn’t typically a top priority for legal firms, however, with impactful design a core factor to standing out within the legal sector, it should be a priority. In a recent study, 94% of online users cited web design as an indicator of whether or not to trust a brand, according to The Daily Egg.

Statistics published by National Law Review show that 96% of people will search for legal services online, with 74% of client prospects viewing the website and then phoning up as a result, which highlights the importance of your firm’s website as a well-designed asset in order to engage new prospects.

As important as website design may be, we understand that it can be hard to keep up with growing trends, which is why we have compiled a list of some of the latest digital website trends that will impact the legal industry in 2021!

Minimalistic Design

Clean and crisp. Some of the best legal websites we have seen are simple and do not rely on complicated graphics to pack a punch! Depending on your branding, a minimalist website can take your brand further and create a bigger impact on the message you aim to convey.

Minimalism is soon to become a popular web design trend for legal firms looking to leverage that white space for a classy and professional impression. Giving your website room to breathe is a refreshing approach and keeps your website simple in an ever-complex sector that many have trouble to piece together.

This no-fuss approach allows your content to speak for itself and can differentiate your site to improve the overall experience and to draw attention to your purpose and services.


With many brands gravitating towards expansive colour palettes, less can be more when it comes to remaining professional if you prefer the style of simplicity. Monochromatic design goes back to the basics and with legal websites often containing a large amount of legal information, it’s crucial that the website focuses on information rather than the visuals. 

Using a monochromatic colour scheme can help you to call attention to what’s most important and can help your audience to really focus on your content rather than being distracted by the design.


UX (user experience) is critical as it aims to provide a seamless digital experience and fulfil the user’s needs when visiting a website. Using cinemagraphs can give your website the ‘leg-up’ it needs with attention-grabbing movements of video which are proven to increase engagement in comparison to still photographs.

Interactive elements can help to evoke credibility and emotion and are a cost-effective method of adding a stunning and modern element to your website with subtle motion. As simple as cinemagraphs can be to create and implement, they can provide a more immersive experience to keep your users engaged.

Cinemagraphs can be designed with your brand in mind and can amplify the services you provide, whether they are depicted by a cinemagraph of a local landmark or something more naturistic, such as trees blowing in the wind.


Videos can create impactful first impressions, with videos doubling your chance of achieving conversion rates in comparison to an average website with no immersive multimedia experience.

While using videos on websites isn’t a new trend, we have noticed many legal firms beginning to use the video feature as a way to break up their text and diversify the page layout. Using videos improved the user experience and can have a positive impact on your search engine ranking.


The devil is in the detail, and micro-animations are ideal for just that. Some websites use micro-animations when you hover your mouse over a logo, with the logo increasing in size or changing form.

These animations can guide a user around your website and subtly encourage them to follow a trail towards a call to action or to visit a certain landing page.

Providing that micro-animations do not impact the performance of the website, they are a great way to add interactivity and encourage the user to get in touch.

Bold Headlines

A new trend beginning to break through into the legal sector is the feature of a bold headline positioned in the main body of the website to create a focal point for a dramatic and lasting first impression. This tactic helps users to focus on your core message by making a statement and to command the attention of your viewers.

The main benefit of using bold headlines is that it exudes confidence and keeps the page impactful and straight to the point. While this isn’t ideal to have on every page of your website, it can make a positive impact on your home and service landing pages.

Transform Your Website

If you’re looking to transform your legal website and engage your users with an innovative and personalised experience, we can help! We design and build responsive websites specifically designed to grow your business and your brand, with years of experience of working with businesses in the legal sector.

With the right digital marketing strategy, it is possible for firms working within the legal sector to lead the way and become a catapult for digital success with legal marketing services.

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