So, what exactly is digital PR?

In essence, digital PR is very similar to traditional PR except, of course, it deals with online platforms rather than offline ones.

Digital PR involves identifying your objectives, key messages, and target audience, and then finding and executing the most appropriate strategy to optimise your results.

It’s all about online reputation management and putting your company’s key messages right in front of your target audience in order to strengthen brand awareness and generate interaction.

For a fully integrated campaign, your digital PR strategy should be integrated with your other digital marketing tactics, including your PPC and SEO campaigns, as well as your website and your social media marketing strategies, in order to achieve optimum results. We can help you to achieve this.

Is this something you can help me with?

It most certainly is! As a leading digital PR agency, we can help you secure coverage in the most influential, relevant, and popular online publications and blogs, giving you the coverage you need to generate leads, sales, and revenue.

We have over five years experience providing digital PR support and online reputation management for a whole host of brands, of all shapes and sizes. From automotive companies, charities, and food manufacturers, through to fashion and beauty brands – you name it, we’ve worked on it.

We’ll help you to set your objectives and your KPIs for your digital PR activity, we’ll create a media and influencers list so that you know who you need to target, and then we’ll contact all of the relevant journalists on your behalf and secure the coverage that you need. Oh, and we’ll even put together an informative little wrap report that will give you the low down on what went really well, and what could be improved for your next campaign. What more could you want?

Sounds great – but how do I know you’ll deliver?

We understand that it’s hard to tell whether a digital PR agency is all talk or whether they’ll deliver everything they promise you – but we want to reassure you that we absolutely never make promises that we can’t keep.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to take our word for it. Check out the case studies below to see what we’ve managed to achieve for just a handful of our clients….

Case Studies

The Make Mine Milk campaign is the English version of Got Milk – which is a campaign dedicated to encouraging kids and teens to drink more milk! This was an integrated campaign which consisted of social media, PR and advertising elements. With a very low budget, our team had to be very creative with the content and ideas they had.

The overarching objective of the campaign was to encourage more milk consumption amongst teenage girls.

The campaign used celebrity endorsement to engage with teens on social media specifically on Facebook and YouTube, with support from Twitter.

Every three months a new celebrity was chosen by researching which celebrities teenagers were engaging with and by asking the Facebook community. Each celebrity offered a different experience/opportunity – whether this was access to an exclusive event, a competition or exclusive content, each mini campaign had its own objectives.

As a result of the success from the campaign there was a significant increase in sales of milk for the first time in 20 years; teenage milk consumption grew by 18%, and the YouTube channel received almost one million YouTube views.

This campaign also went on to win the following awards:
•Best Use of Social Media (Some Comms Awards 2011)
•Best Use of Facebook (Some Comms Awards 2011)
•Best Social Media Campaign (Golden Hedgehogs 2012)
•Best Campaign on a Low Budget (Golden Hedgehogs 2012)
•Best Social Media Campaign (International Dairy Innovation and Elpak Dairy Marketing Awards 2012 )
•Best Low Budget Social Media Campaign (UK Social Media Communications Awards 2012)

Blind Veterans UK are a charity who help people who worked for the Armed Forces and National Service veterans regardless of when they served or how they lost their sight.
In 2012 St. Dunstan’s wanted to rebrand to Blind Veterans UK. We supported them with a PR launch plan to raise awareness and educate people about the new name. We also needed to increase support, volunteers and beneficiaries.

The solution consisted of a national, regional (centre locations & military communities), consumer and trade PR.
To launch the campaign we needed to collate research, case studies, photography and spokespeople for the PR activity. We briefed in media briefings, liaised with military media, national media, regional military communities and centres with the content we created.
For each location – Llandudno, Brighton and Sheffield, we created a Open Door Day where local dignitaries, media and a school went to see the centre and experience the rehabilitation techniques. We also used this as an opportunity for interviews with the media and topped it off with a photo stunt.

As a result of the launch activity we managed to receive 71 pieces of online coverage, 13 print, 22 TV and 10 radio coverage. In total the PR value amounted to £1.1 million with an AVE of almost £400,000.

The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness about Construction Skills CITB, who are a training board for the construction industry.

In order to raise awareness about CITB, we aimed to create research projects to sell in to the media along with bylined articles. We kept a close eye on the relevant media to find opportunities to comment and also used social media to target key influencers. As part of this campaign, we also wanted to engage Federation and also create a viral campaign.

As a result of the PR activity we achieved 32 pieces of coverage which included: 5 national, 22 trade, 3 fed items. The CSN activity resulted in 48 pieces: 8 national, 30 trade and 6 fed items.

Fusion Lifestyle approached us to help raise awareness about the local Fusion centres, facilities and services. Their main objectives were to raise awareness and also retain new members.

To help Fusion reach their objectives we created an integrated PR and social media campaign to run over one year. For social media we needed to get the staff within the business involved to help and managed the community. We began by creating internal policies and created a How To guide for internal use. The main channels we focused on were Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Once the relevant training was provided we created an editorial calendar which consisted of Q&As, latest updates from the centres and different tactics to provide incentives to people to visit and join Facebook.

To support the social activity we also targeted trade press which were divided into two main areas: Fitness management/ gyms [Health Club Management, Leisure Management, Fitpro Business] which focused on their workforce. Secondly we targeted local authority [Local Government Chronicle, Public Services Review, eGov Monitor] which focused on clients.

The content for each included:: ‘small’ news announcements, mainly for Fitness Management trades; ‘major’ news for Fitness management (potentially local authority); Features and comment across both with the right approach and ‘created’ news.

As a result of our activity we managed to raise awareness and reach our KPIs. We received coverage for four campaigns and won six new contracts as a result of the trade activity.

Our Process

Gather insights about your business
Set goals and objectives
Select the right channels to execute the strategy
Integrate with the rest of the business
Plan & Implement
Plan and implement the campaign
Monitor, measure and adapt whilst the campaign is running
Amend the strategy from the results

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